Tamarac ALS Team Does it Again

Taking First Place at the 2023 First There First Care, Chief Michael Haygood ALS Competition. Hosted by the Fire Chiefs Association of Broward County at the Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood.

This two-day competition offered several very different challenges.

These competitors from Tamarac were the true example of this year’s theme, “Doing more than ever before,” Michael Boyhan, Francois Avril, Kingman Mais and Christopher Curbelo (Alternate)

The team faced a collapse scenario today, which took them into confined space, tight quarters some repelling and even delivering a baby in all the chaos, it was a girl!

Competitors showed their true professional talent dealing with trauma patients and obstacles along with some very animated disruptors.

Congratulations to this Amazing Tamarac Team.

This is their Third, First Place this Year! Keep up the momentum!

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