Cadet Program

The Tamarac Fire Rescue Cadet Program was launched in early 2001 after nearly two years of planning and preparation. The program began with 7 young men and women who remained in the program for up to 5 years before graduating.

The application process has several pre requisites:

  • A parent-applicant meeting
  • An applicant-peer meeting,
  • Successful completion of dated projects
  • Follow-up meetings to train, inform and discuss the cadet’s future with the program and their career path.

If you are interested in participating in the City of Tamarac’s Cadet Program please download the cadet application (City of Tamarac Cadet Program Application) and contact Van Schoen at (954) 597-3805.

  • Cadets in the program will learn about the City, the departments stations, where equipment is located and why we utilize each piece. The Cadet begins each meeting with a brief workout. This emphasizes the importance of firefighter fitness and the demand for physical readiness.
  • Cadets are required to attend and participate in all meetings and are only allowed to miss a meeting if they have a reasonable excuse and contact the management team in advance of that absence when possible.
  • Meetings consist of classroom and hands on activities, equipment knowledge testing and practical application for use. This is an important component of our preparation. A Cadet must successfully pass all requirements over a six month period in order to be eligible to experience Fire and EMS ride times with on duty paramedics on weekends and holidays including summer ride times.
  • Cadets are also required to participate in a multitude of City activities such as the Fourth of July fireworks and the Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony to name a few.
  • Cadets are also required to meet the same standard of professional appearance as we require our staff to do. These standards are discussed in the first meeting and are a requirement throughout the program.

More Information & FAQ's

Many of our Cadets start the program at age 14 and remain active until their high school graduation. We allow anyone in high school to remain until the age of 18. Those who are 18 and older still in school or looking to stay with the program as peer counselors may do so understanding that they are now part of a team preparing the future of the Fire and EMS service.

Cadet program runs from September to May every year. Applications are reviewed and interviews are held in July. Please fill out the Cadet Lead Form below and we will be in contact with you for next year’s class

Participants can enter the program at the age of 14 and can remain if in good standing through 17 years of age. The strategy is to develop a career path into the fire rescue industry. To do so we must keep their interest until they are eligible to start an academic programs and become State Certified as firefighter paramedics.

This participation prepares Cadets for public interactions.

Parents with children 14 to 18 years of age IN HIGH SCHOOL (please add) interested in a career in Fire & EMS, or have a question about the Cadet Program are asked to contact Van Schoen at (954) 597-3805 or by simply filling out the Cadet Lead Form.

Cadet Lead Form

Application process is now closed. 

Tamarac cadet program

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