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Tamarac Fire Rescue works tirelessly to prepare for all events that the area may experience, better known as an “All Hazards Approach” to emergency management. We are prepared for Weather, Fire, Flood (natural) events. We are prepared for Technological Incidents and manmade incidents.

The Graphic Above represents the Emergency Management Cycle and is a good example of the processes we take to protect the City and the community.

The Division has developed a City Emergency Management Plan and 14 additional Plans supporting the plan by each department, all managed through Fire Rescue. We also have our Continuity of Operations Plan or COOP Master and each department is required to have a section outlining their actions in a COOP event.

We are also utilize WEBEOC a premier Emergency Management tool used for requesting and reporting for activation of the emergency plan. The division trains and supports City staff yearly in preparedness for the Hurricane season. WebEoc is used by the County and each municipality has a stand alone platform to report and request any City needs.

Emergency Management is also the lead education source in the City providing many aspects of Emergency Preparedness for Adults and Children, examples of those are available in the links below.

The City’s Premier Program has been the Community Emergency Response Team Program or CERT. This is a FEMA program managed by Tamarac Fire Rescue. Residents are welcome to sign up for this 4 day class, where they will learn appropriate actions to take during an emergency (at home day to day or when disaster strikes) before professional help arrives. Subject matter ranges from fire suppression, light search and rescue, emergency medical operations, psychology and terrorism.  CERT is a great opportunity to meet residents in your community and a way to give back. Interested residents are welcome to reach out to the Program Manger information found below.

The Division also takes part in yearly Emergency Exercises State, County and Local and develops exercises for the community. Presentations are also available by request to the Division.

Tamarac Emergency Management