2020 E-ONE Typhoon EMAX Rescue Pumper

Engine 41

Unit 389

Inside Engine 41

Unit Specifications

  • Clean cab design
  • Advanced Life Support equipped
  • 1500 GPM E-ONE Pump –   750 Gallon water tank
  • 30 Gallon Class AB Foam cell
  • 1000 feet of 5” supply line
  • 48’ of assorted ground ladders
  • 20 feet of hard suction hose

What is a Clean Cab?

The clean cab concept resolves a lifelong problem of the fire service today, dangerous, unhealthy remnants of a fire being in the apparatus cab with crew members. Materials released are carcinogenic in nature and have shown to cause cancer in Fire Fighters the Clean Cab concept isolates those items from the area therefore isolating contaminated items from the apparatus cab.

Engine 41 has a custom-built compartment located behind the cab for Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), flashlights, firefighting tools and a Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC). Contaminated Firefighter turn-out gear will also be placed in this compartment after a fire incident because the gear will continue to off gas harmful carcinogenic chemicals.

Tamarac Fire Rescue has supported clean cab and offers further turn-out gear decontamination back at the fire station in a specialized Extractor. Tamarac Fire Rescue takes extra steps in Cancer reduction and mitigation for their Firefighters.

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